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MAXimize Enrichment Pods

City Building Project

There have been many variations of this project depending on the grade level and interests of the students involved with the project. For this city design, fifth grade students started by designing a blueprint for a park. They had to apply concepts  of fractions, decimals, percentages, scaling, as well as a great deal of problem solving in order to design a park that met the requirements provided by the city. The next phase of the project allowed students to build a city around their parks. They have to create and measure buildings, applying the dimensions to their scale and determining the amount of materials an architect would need to build each building. This project required a great deal of collaboration and was a hard working group of 3 students that stretched through the entire 2020-2021 school year as an enrichment project.

Screen Shot 2021-06-01 at 1.30.16 AM.png

Candy Billboards

Eighth grade students were "hired" to design a candy billboard that was to be put up in several locations throughout the city. Each location had different size requirements for the billboard, so they needed to present clients with several size options, but the key was to ensure that the picture remained proportional. Students applied their knowledge of linear relationships, both proportional and non-proportional, in order to design a detailed report for their clients as well as to craft their candy billboard.

Garden Design

What you are looking at in this picture is Amanda enjoying some Mother's Day donuts after her and her husband's students had designed and built a raised garden bed garden for them. This 5th grade project required the application of multiplication, division, fraction operations, and decimal operations in order to plan and budget for the necassary supplies.

donuts and garden.JPG
Screen Shot 2020-11-25 at 3.40.38 PM.png

Geometry Art

High School Geometry requires a great deal of hands on application and visualization in order to gain a strong understanding of the concepts. The art that we can create with a focus on the Geometry Common Core Standards is engaging, entertaining, and rewarding for students. These examples include carefully constructed triangles that include all four of the triangles points of concurrency. The image to the right is a mandala with rotational symmetry that required the student to carefully apply various rotations around the point of origin.

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