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What Are Parents Saying about MAXimize Tutor?

"My son found himself struggling 2-3 weeks into the school year with his AP Chem class. I am so grateful for MAXimize Tutoring! With the help of its owner, Amanda, we selected a tutor who was able to meet virtually with my son twice weekly to provide additional understanding and opportunity to practice challenging concepts. From our initial contact to now, communication and convenience has been excellent."

"Thank you MAXimize Tutor for supporting my daughter throughout her 2020-21 freshmen year. As a full remote honors student, she was in need of some augmented lessons to keep up. MAXimize tutoring quickly paired her with two different tutors for each of her most challenging classes and quickly got her caught up and focused her on lessons that were the most challenging. The college tutors were young and my daughter felt they really cared about her and felt emotionally supported as well. It was a crazy year and I give them an A+."

"MAXimize Tutor has been a game changer for my 8th grade son. While reluctant at first at the concept of a tutor, he quickly learned that this wasn't just a tutor, this was a partner in his learning. His grades quickly turned around and he asks for more time with his tutor. He is gaining skills that will last him through high school and beyond. The school principal even reached out to me and said that he's a model student. We are so grateful for MAXimize Tutoring and the customized plan Amanda put together for our son."

"We are so thankful that we found MAXimize Tutor and the on demand tutoring option for our high school child.  He struggled in math at times and this was a perfect option for him - easy scheduling and help when he needed it without leaving home!  The college student tutors were great and asked to see any materials ahead of time so it was very efficient.  I would not hesitate to recommend to others."

"Amanda and Sophia have been a wonderful support for our family. In person, Amanda has provided targeted and supportive reteaching of concepts helping our daughter feel more confident heading into her classroom. Sophia provided practice over Zoom, kept it engaging (which is hard!) and was patient and kind along the way. We are thrilled to continue working with them this school year."

"My 5th grade son loves his weekly time with MAXimize college student tutor, Ruthie. He says the hour is extremely helpful because he is able to go over his homework with her and she does an outstanding job explaining it to him and helping him to understand the problems. When they are done, he gets to work on enrichment math problems with Ruthie, prepared by Amanda to meet my son's enrichment needs. He truly looks forward to meeting with Ruthie every week!"

"My 4 year old son worked with Hallie this past summer to help start to prepare him for kindergarten. Hallie's flexible learning approach allowed my son to stay focussed throughout the entire hour! Over the short summer, he learned all of his letters, numbers, and also has started applying the reading skills Hallie taught him to begin reading! We are truly blown away at the progress and could not be happier with Hallie and MAXimize!"

"I wanted some enrichment for my 7 year old son, and since my wife and I are both teachers, we thought we had the plan covered! However, we quickly learned that he would not work with us, but it was difficult for us to commit to a weekly in person time with a tutor due to frequent changing schedule. Amanda created a flexible plan for us where our son meets once a week for 30-40 minutes on zoom with an amazing, energetic and encoring college student tutor to work through IXL skills Amanda picks for him. He comes out of each session excited and energized! Since he started this, he went from the 68th percentile on his MAP test to the 87th percentile. Highly recommend!"

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