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MAXimize Customized Writing & Reading Workshop

Personal in home tutoring program throughout Chicago's northshore for students in kindergarten through fourth grade. 


Amanda Martinsen

Founder and President

Writing (and reading) Workshop!: Services

Writing & Reading Workshop

The MAXimize Story Unit allows students to read rich stories with their tutor, while analyzing what authors do to make their stories interesting and engaging to the readers. In order to do this, MAXimize tutors use our five essential story element questions to help guide students' thinking and responses

Through the analysis of these exciting story books, students learn how to become their own authors as MAXimize tutors guide students through the writing process using our 5 essential writing questions. Over time, students develop a collection of stories in their personalized writing notebooks. Eventually, students will choose a story to publish in their very own story book!

Writing & Reading Workshop

The MAXimize Research Project is an excellent way to allow students to explore a topic of their choice through nonfiction texts. It begins with a research phase while students dig deep into texts to find information in order to answer their self generated research questions. 

Students eventually use their research to create an end product of their choice such as a nonfiction book, an article, a diorama, poster, website, broadcast, or another medium of their choosing!

This project allows students to gain and strengthen essential reading and research skills, as well as nonfiction writing skills. 

MAXimize Writing & Reading Workshop Goals

This program was developed by our founder, Amanda Martinsen, after her 6 year old son, MJ, starting working with one of our MAXimize tutors on strengthen his reading and writing skills. MJ was not reading independently, and he often would get frustrated when Amanda or her husband (who also is a teacher) tried to help him. This is when she decided to ask one of her tutors to support him. 

Right before their first meeting, MJ was almost in tears begging Amanda not to make him meet with a tutor. By the end of the session, he was bragging to the neighbors about the amazing session he had with his tutor, Mahhum. MJ truly looks forward to his weekly sessions with his tutor and within two months of working with her, he began reading independently and has been moved to the advanced reading group in his class!

As a teacher, it has always been important to Amanda to make sure that kids grow a love for learning, and this interaction with her son made her realize that if she could help support this love of reading and writing in him now, he would develop a skill set to carry him through his educational career that will be beyond valuable. That's when she developed the Writing Workshop--An easy to follow model, with three goals. 

  • Goal Number 1:Love, love love reading and writing! Students should leave their sessions wanting more, and excited to return to the next session. 

  • Goal Number 2: Strengthen reading fluency as well as reading comprehension. 

  • Goal Number 3Strengthen writing skills including spelling, sentence structure, handwriting, word spacing, storytelling, and editing. 

This program was built around these three goals as well as several of the Reading and Writing Common Core State Standards. 

These session occur in person, in your home or at a nearby library. The schedule is built around a time that works for you and your MAXimize Tutor. You have your choice between a professional educator tutor or a local college student tutor. 

Reach out today to learn more about the program!​

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Cancellation Policy

Please let us know of any conflicts as far ahead of time as possible. If something comes up and you need to cancel at the last minute, please try to give Amanda 48 hours notice. Cancellations that occur less than 24 hours prior will be billed in full. (Of course, we make exceptions for Covid related cancellations or emergencies). 

Frequent cancellations may result in a need to fill your time slot with another student. We are always here in the future when you are ready to commit! 

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